Kevin Lew

The Hoxton


The Hoxton FAQ redesign


The problem. Luxury boutique hotel chain The Hoxton wanted to refresh the FAQ section of their website. It was felt the current page suffered from several problems relating to navigation, legibility and poor usability in general particularly on mobile devices leading to customer frustration.

Role. As the UI / UX designer my role was to suggest improvement to the user journey of the FAQ section by first identifying the potential pain points and then recommending suitable solutions through UI changes. The recommendations were presented to the client through high fidelity screens.





Discovery. The Research stage involved analysing the current FAQ page on both mobile and desktop devices to identify the current issues with accessibility. Below are some potential pain points I discovered.

  1. No option to view FAQ pages from other Boutiques

  2. Content titles are cut off

  3. Extra click action required to view FAQ information

  4. No indication of where you are

  5. FAQ pages cannot be accessed from global footer

Resdesign.Taking the pain points as a starting point I began to convert them into actionable goals for solutions to improve the product.


Reorganized content. Several features were introduced to make the content more visible. Firstly headings were added to break up the information aiding the customer to find specific content efficiently. The typography was refined to ensure all content was visible and expandable content boxes were also added for better ease of use