The Hoxton



UI designer


Art direction
Lloyd Parker




Luxury boutique hotel chain The Hoxton wanted to rethink the presentation and functionality of their FAQ pages on all digital devices. It was felt that currently the information was too difficult to access particularly on their mobile devices leading to customer frustration.

The challenge

The current design suffered from several issues, the first being that customers could only access the FAQ once they had selected a hotel and not from the main footer. Another issue was on mobile devices the questions would be cut off and it was felt that navigating to the information was cumbersome.

hoxton old mobile faq.jpg


A new sub navigation was introduced under the header on mobile devices to accommodate the FAQ page being linked from the global footer. This navigation featured a sideways scrollable function which allowed the customer to access FAQ pages on all the boutiques from the same page. The hero image would also change to match the selected hotel.



Several features were introduced to make the content more visible. Firstly headings were added to break up the information aiding the customer to find specific content efficiently. The typography was refined to ensure all content was visible and expandable content boxes were also added for better ease of use

hoxton mobile redesigned faq.jpg

The redesigned look and feel of the mobile FAQ page was translated into a responsive layout for both tablet and desktop.