Kevin Lew



Hello pleased to meet you


I’m a product designer, UI / UX designer, or really just someone who cares about solving problems to create great user experiences and beautiful products that are useable.

As a freelance digital designer I’ve been lucky enough to work for some great agencies and well know clientside brands working on large web builds, digital products and campaigns. However the projects that gave me the most fulfillment were the ones where I could create something usable and functional for the user or improve their experience in interacting with a product.

This led me to explore UX design more deeply which I did by taking the course at UX Playground to get some formal training in UX design theory and techniques.

I firmly believe that any modern day product needs to be driven by research data from the user to create a user experience they desire and a purpose for the product they need. Therefore I enjoy the process of understanding human behaviour through user research, interviews or analysing surveys. Whenever possible I strive to follow the following process empathize with the user, define the user the frustrations, ideate solutions and prototype to test and prove or disprove theories to craft a product or experience that is user-centred.

In my spare time you can catch me playing table tennis, dining out or scoping the internet for next smart home product so I can be even lazier at home.